segunda-feira, novembro 20, 2006

Please help George W. Bush!

There are a few things you might never expect to read in an email from Greenpeace, and here's one of them:

"Please help George W. Bush."

Right now, the United Nations is considering a moratorium on high seas bottom trawling. While the White House is supporting deep-sea protection, Spain and Canada are trying to block the deal.

According to the World Conservation Union, Spain is responsible for 40 percent of the high seas bottom trawl catch. Meanwhile, Canada has no high seas bottom trawl fleet and their Minister has admitted bottom trawling is destructive - but is opposing a moratorium anyway.

On the Ocean Defenders side is the USA, Australia, Germany, Brazil, India, South Africa, Palau and a host of other countries. The UN will make a final decision by November 23rd.

Things we need you to do TODAY:

1. Click here to send a message to Spanish officials.

2. Click here to contact Canadian officials.

For the oceans,
Karen Sack, Greenpeace Policy Advisor

P.S. The 80,000 messages you have already sent on this issue have gotten us this far. Now we're in the final week. We really need your help for this one last push!

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